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Where Can I Get COVID Testing Jacksonville?

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Here are laboratories, hospitals, or clinics for Covid Testing Jacksonville.

1. Legends Center And Gymnasium

Facilities: indoor gymnasium, computer lab, auditorium/community room, restroom/changing room, fitness center, elevated walkway, fully equipped kitchen

  • Addr.:  5130 Soutel Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32208
  • Tel.:  (904) 630-2489

2. CareSpot Urgent Care - Jacksonville Northside

The CareSpot emergency care brand family team has more than 90 locations in six states, has extensive experience in emergency care management and operations, and has steadily grown to other cities, regions and states in the past 18 years.

  • Addr.:  2032 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32218
  • Tel.:  (904) 757-2008
  • Book:

3. Angel Kids Pediatrics

At Angel Kids Pediatrics, they are committed to providing excellent medical services for family and community environment. They adhere to the highest standards of patient-centered medical homes to provide high-quality, personalized and effective medical services.

  • Addr.: 8225 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221
  • Tel.:  (904) 224-5437

4. Avecina Medical – Oakleaf

They are committed to providing emergency care and disease prevention for people of all ages. They strive to make affordable, high-quality personalized healthcare available to all.

  • Addr.:  9580 Applecross Rd #106, Jacksonville, FL 32222
  • Tel.:  (904) 778-9180

5. MaxCare Clinic

In the walk-in clinic in Riverside, experienced doctors/nurses and healthcare professionals manage comprehensive private primary care services, from initial appointment to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

  • Addr.:  2789 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32205
  • Tel.:  (904) 801-3105

6. River Town Diagnostics

By appointment only. Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm. $15 Saturday reservation fee

  • Addr.:  8563 Argyle Business Loop #5, Jacksonville, FL 32244
  • Tel.:  (904) 619-9299

7. Ace Biomedical Labs

It is a full-service reference laboratory located in Jacksonville, Florida. As a first-class medical laboratory, they focus on providing routine and professional diagnostic testing services for doctors and patients. Ace Labs is known for timely and accurate test results

  • Addr.: 3726 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207
  • Tel.:  (904) 580-8126
  • Book:

8. Angel Kids Pediatrics

The goal of Angel Angel Pediatrics is to provide continuous care for children in Jacksonville, and high-quality medical services for families during weekends.

  • Addr.:  6801 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216
  • Tel.:  (904) 224-5437

9. Florida Laboratory Analysis LLC

Florida Laboratory Analysis is a COLA-accredited clinical reference laboratory located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Provide: Pathogen detection through RT-PCR, hematology, chemistry, drug management procedures, urine drug screening, toxicology, and immediate confirmation by LC/MS/MS.

  • Addr.:  6900 Southpoint Dr N STE 220, Jacksonville, FL 32216
  • Tel.:  (407) 636-3939

10. CareSpot Urgent Care - Jacksonville Arlington Monument

It is a service organization and a dedicated team dedicated to improving the way people experience healthcare in every opportunity.

  • Addr.:  2401 Monument Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225
  • Tel.:  (904) 642-0337

11. Avecina Medical, Tinseltown

They strive to providing emergency care and disease prevention for people of all ages.

  • Addr.:  4160 Southside Blvd #10, Jacksonville, FL 32216
  • Tel.:  (904) 900-1717

12. Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care

Their pediatric team provides quality pediatric medical services for newborns under 21 years of age.

  • Addr.: 10325 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257
  • Tel.:  (904) 204-1927

13. St. Vincent's Health Center – Mandarin

To help solve racism and systemic injustice, Ascsion has established a judicial-focused framework called ABIDE, marked by appreciation, belonging, inclusiveness, diversity, and equality.

  • Addr.:  10503 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257
  • Tel.: (904) 450-6630

14. Tuka Pediatrics

They are committed to providing compassionate high-quality medical care focused on disease prevention by providing the best customer service technology and the latest technology to make your experience with us enjoyable.

  • Addr.: 4125 Race Track Rd #104, St Johns, FL 32259
  • Tel.:  (904) 222-6364
  • Book:


Total 14 locations for Covid Testing Jacksonville. These resources from internet, we just edit only, maybe there is some error data, if you find out, do not hesitate to contact us to remove or delete.

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